Cookie Policy

Our site uses cookies to analyse user actions and support features both custom and built into wordpress. Cookies are small strings of information we store on your computer until they expire or they are manually cleared.

An example of a cookie used on this site is the ‘accessed’ cookie, which tells us if the user has visited this site within the last month (or since they last cleared their cookies). This cookie is then used to decide whether the cookie consent bar should be shown to the user.

By using this website, you agree that we can place the following cookie on your device in order to provide you with a cookies notice when you visit the site every 30 days.


accessedTo detect if a user has or has not visited this site in the last 30 days.

By using our website, you also agree that we can place cookies from the following providers on your device. Below you can find a table of all cookie providers we use, along with their purpose and a link to a complete breakdown of all the cookies that could be implemented by that provider.

Cookie ProviderPurposeCookies Breakdown

GoogleTo analyse user data in order to provide insights into how our website is used.Google analytics documentation
WordPressTo keep track of a logged in admin user, track their level of privilege and support additional functionality for their convenience.WordPress Support Cookies Page

It is also important to note that runs on a third party platform provided by, the cookie policy of which can be found here.

Managing Cookies

The consent, rejection or deletion of cookies can be done within your web browser. Deleting cookies or rejecting them altogether may negatively affect your experience using both our main site and our job board.

Below you can find resources to help you manage your cookies on popular browsers.

For more information about cookies, and on how to modify your browser settings to disable cookies, see