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The UK’s finest.

The brief:

In late 2014, B&Q engaged TATA Consultancy Services to create, from scratch, an entirely new and bespoke e-commerce platform to be hosted on their primary www.diy.com domain. The project was split into three phases (CR1, CR2 and CR3). By CR2 it became evident that there was a significant skills-shortage within TATA and the project was falling heavily behind. UK based resources were required to assist and compliment the team.

The solution & the results:

  • Working alongside the Lead Architect at B&Q, we quickly identified the skills shortage and agreed on a solution.
  • With contract rates agreed (whilst competing with TATA’s agency PSL) we began the search for UX/UI Contractors.
  • Within just a few days, introduced five excellent candidate options to the TATA/B&Q team – four of whom were hired.
  • The project entered a new phase of unrivalled productivity and quality with the staff we provided implementing the latest in compliance and online accessibility.

“James has been an invaluable asset for us and despite being in competition with several other agencies he filled 80% of our urgent requirements within weeks.”

Nehal Firdausi | Delivery Manager | Kingfisher Group

“James really is a diamond in the rough world of recruiters. Having my back at all times, he helped me land a contract position on a project worthy on any front-end developer’s portfolio.”

Pete Luffman | Lead UI Consultant | CR2