A retired police officer, a javascript enthusiast a lost designer and a tech architect… We’re an eclectic bunch. Oh, and we also have an office dog the size of a biscuit-tin. But that’s not all!

Despite being a small agency (just the five of us) we’ve delivered significant staffing projects for some of the biggest names in the UK – and if that’s not quite enough to make the cut, we’ve spent the last two years helping one of most awesome start-up clients in the music-tech biz to build entire teams across the UK and US. Not bad, right? Not to mention one of the top UK digital agencies using us to build their business for the last 7 years!

Essentially, our attention to detail and obsession with technology means that we can actually hold a conversation with a Developer, without making them say “did you just tell me that Java is a popular Front-End framework?”. As a result – we’ve established a mountain of fantastic relationships over the years with some of the most commercially valuable tech-talent in the country – many of whom ultimately become both friends and even clients.

However, don’t just take our word for it. Here are a few kind thoughts from some of our favourite humans:

“Wow, what a breath of fresh air! James and the Team at Source Code are by far the best recruitment agency I have ever worked with. James took the time to listen to us and our needs, he found us a perfect developer and his screening process is head shoulders above his competitors. We got no false promises, we were not at all surprised that he found us a suitable candidate. He didn’t just send random candidates with no to no relevance to the job spec. The professional and measured approach James and his team have adopted should be seen as a blueprint for the industry. Could not recommend him enough”.Jonathon Cowell – ACHiiVE.

“James really is diamond in the rough world of recruiters. Having my back at all times, he helped me land a contract position on a project worthy on any front-end developers portfolio!

A genuinely nice guy, he goes the extra mile supporting his recruits in and out of normal working hours. I would most definitely recommend him to anyone working within the digital industry.”Pete Luffman – Lead Front End Developer (B&Q Project)

James and his team provided an excellent level of guidance in making sure I got the right job for both myself and my employer. I largely dealt with James whom is incredibly professional and worked tirelessly even picking up my calls/whatsapp messages out of hours to discuss worries and provide a boost to my confidence. I feel James went above and beyond what you would typically expect from a recruiter to provide a service that has left me with both a smile and a job that I absolutely love! – Simon Dann – Senior Software Developer – ACHiiVE

Using James’ services was a delightful experience, he is a very responsible recruiter that takes his time to read and understand your profile and only offers you opportunities that match up your interests. Once you are on a process he is always responsive and keeps a great communication with you and the company making sure both parties are aligned and looking for the same thing. I know for sure I will use him again the next time. It’s hard to find a recruiter that really care about your needs and try to help on the job searching process. – Alberto Lietor-Santos – Tech Lead at Helpfulpeeps

Messaged James about a position on Thursday and had a job offer on Monday.

He gave me great support, answered all of my questions and went above and beyond to make the whole process a breeze.

Thanks, James! Rob Bamber – Senior Developer – ShopStation

James is professionalism in a friendly suit. He wisely asked me a few simple technical questions as a pre-interview analysis as to avoid wasting any of my or the company’s time if he could see that we weren’t a good fit. He later came back with thorough feedback as a result of my interview with the company, and this despite the interview not leading to an offer. Not many recruiters take the time to relay feedback to candidates. James certainly knows how to do his job really well and how to make friends along the way 🙂 – Jahid Zaynal – Software Developer – Jobsite

“Hello” to a job offer in 48 hours. James has been fantastic through the whole interview process. He has gone above and beyond what was necessary to secure me an incredible position at a reputable company in the legal sector. He responded to every single one of my questions promptly and supported me well out of hours to ensure that the process went as quickly and as smoothly as possible. James should be the first choice for anybody seeking outstanding recruitment services. – Will Kilgallon – Senior Developer at Think Learning.


Great to meet you.

Not every project is the same and a different approach can often produce the best results. The team at source code specialise in being different and finding the solution that works best for you. Whether it’s working onsite or helping our clients open a new office overseas, we’ll find the right solution and tailor it to your requirements.

James started Source Code after several years working as an Onsite Resource Manager, receiving relentless tsunami waves of unsuitable CVs and often interviewing candidates who hadn’t even been shown a job spec. Enough was enough. There had to be a better way. What if we hired a Tech Architect to assist us in assessing candidates? What if we hired people who love people, instead of recruiters who love sales? Could it really work? The answer is a loud and rewarding ‘Yes’!

Over the last few years, we’ve had a ball meeting and growing relationships with some of the most awesome people in the tech scene – and things just keep getting better.

Supported by my colleagues – Alison (a retired Police Woman) – Daniel (A legend in the start-up scene) – Axel (Our Tech Architect) and Buddy (our CEO of biscuits and belly rubs), we’re a force for change in the recruitment industry and we’d love to work with you.

When it comes to recruiting Developers across the spectrum of stacks – instead of giving you a carbon-copy service with a heavy-sell, Source Code focus on tailoring a flexible solution that will both meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Our Consultants have worked both in-house and within traditional agencies, so we completely understand the unique challenges that recruiting new staff can bring. As a result, we avoid many of the usual headaches you may have experienced in the past, such as inappropriate CVs, candidates not being prepared for interviews and pushy sales tactics.

Instead, we use our combined 22 years of experience across technology and the start-up scene to immediately identify even the most subtle requirements of a role. We then focus on immersing ourselves in both your brand and your culture – to ensure that any candidate you receive from us is both a skill match and a cultural fit.

We offer bespoke and flexible RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) services for SMEs across the UK . Our clients are often companies that don’t require a large-scale, long-term service but need something a little more dedicated and flexible than just using a typical agency. That’s where we come in.

We’ve successfully completed projects for Channel 4 (Series 2 of THE JOB INTERVIEW), Digital Agencies, Tech Start-ups, Call centres, Marketing Agencies, Finance Centres and even a very successful project for B&Q!

In summary, if you need a service that has the same ‘in-house’ feel as having your own Recruiter but you still want to benefit from access to all of the major online job boards, a LinkedIn network spanning 10’s of thousands, robust reporting and flexibility on pricing, then source code is the right choice for you.


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