Founded by an ex-developer and driven by the belief that recruitment should be a service, not a sales pitch.

We exist as a small UK team, relentlessly dedicated to finding,
supporting and representing

Who are Source Code…

and what makes us unusual?

Source code was formed as a direct response to one of the biggest issues within the IT recruitment industry – namely the issue of numerous recruiters referring to themselves as ‘specialists’ without knowing the difference between Java and JavaScript.

We knew there had to be a better way.

Armed with a dream, a background in web development and a genuine desire to offer a human-centric service, we formed Source Code in 2014 and have been learning, refining and evolving ever since.

Our desire to approach recruitment as a logic-challenge led to our first in-house hire being a Technical Architect, who remains part of our team to this very day. His role is to create, administer and review our growing selection of in-house, custom programming assessments (with both verbal and written options), now used by over 80% of our client-base, to find the right engineer for their needs (get in touch if you’d like to see some examples of our assessments).

As above, when a ‘document-style’ test isn’t quite the right fit, we adapt and approach our process with a conversational technique – establishing the level of complexity within an engineer’s career history and ensuring that any new potential role is a quality fit for both the candidate and the business. This can range from discussing object-oriented topics such as polymorphism, to other concepts such as destructuring, resolvers and immutability being just a few examples.

All of this is in addition to our strict ‘zero-pressure’ policy.

We continue to be baffled by the industry practice of hounding people until they attend interviews, accept jobs they don’t want or pestering companies incessantly in the hope that something might stick. It’s not for us.

Instead, we focus on providing one simple thing above all others – relevant options – supported by unbiased advice. It genuinely is as simple as that.

No clutter. No sales pitch. Just a reliable and measurably specialist service that puts your needs, desires and concerns above the desire to make money.

We appreciate that’s a lot to take at face value, but we’d like to think that our testimonials help support the statements above.

So, if this all sounds like the type of service you’d like to partner with, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can’t wait to work with you.

The team at Source Code.


It’s rarely convenient to chat whilst in work, so we’ll never call you out of the blue.

In 2018, almost 70% of our polled candidate-base stated that they preferred to communicate either via email or WhatsApp – stating that it was significantly easier to both respond and review information at a time of their choosing, to avoid any embarrassing recruitment calls during work hours.

We heard you loud and clear and have set up a direct WhatsApp channel for you to use, day or night, with an average response time of under 2 hours.

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Resource Manager
Senior Consultant
Head of Projects
Lead Software Engineer
Technical Architect
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Work with a team that knows and cares about your industry.

From applying for a new job to considering remote-work – we’re here to help.

We may be ‘recruiters’ by trade, but we consider ourselves enthusiasts above all other things. Obsessed with the likes of Ember.js, the commercial reliability of PHP and Symfony, the peculiarities of Svelte, the infuriating slowness of Jira, the fact that being a “Full Stack Developer” used to mean that you were a back-end dev who knew what jQuery was… but now it means you don’t sleep anymore… these are just a few of the typical conversation-topics you’ll hear in our offices every day – and we love it.

If you want to forget about ‘recruiters’ for a while and work with a down-to-earth group of people who genuinely care about the next step in your career, then get in touch. We operate a ‘zero-pressure’ policy and are committed to helping you find the next step on the ladder.

Meticulously curated roles.

Working with companies that are dedicated to your career development.

We’ve found some of the most outstandingly unique and challenging jobs for Engineers, UX Professionals, UI Developers and Managers across the UK, US and EU. Spanning Music, Print, Mobile Repair, Legal Systems, Fintech, Electric Vehicles, Ecommerce, E-Learning and more.

Challenges within these roles have included breaking down monoliths, researching chaos-engineering, designing and delivering MVPs, developing huge SPAs in React, event-driven UIs, component ecosystems, entire frameworks built in Node and extended with C++, integration with machine learning – the list goes on and gets more and more exciting by the day. Get in touch now to discuss our latest roles.

Fancy a coffee on us?

Regular catch-ups across the UK & EU.

A large part of our success in the industry has come as a result of being available to meet and spend time with candidates currently considering their next move. It means that we can provide our full attention, meet at a time and place of your choosing and ensure that we answer and assist with any questions you may have.

Naturally, we have plenty of e-coffees via Hangouts as well! So whichever your preference is, let us know and we’ll pop it into the diary.

Our services.

Offering both Developers & Clients equal levels of support and delivery.

For Developers – Employer introductions and process support.

Our team has spent the last 10 years growing a network of trust, understanding and support for Developers of all kinds, across the United Kingdom. We operate a flexible approach to introductions and can operate at a pace that best suits your current situation.

As you may have experienced – there’s nothing worse than a recruiter who’s trying to pressure you into attending an interview whilst you’re in the middle of a critical deployment – that’s not us. We listen to your needs, understand what you’re passionate about and match you with potential employers accordingly.

We’re ready when you’re ready and always here to assist – with the following commitments at the core of everything we do:

  • A ‘zero-pressure policy’
  • No phone calls out of the blue during work hours
  • No disappearing act after an interview – we always provide feedback (good or bad)
  • Constant communication, preparation and info provided before every single interview

In summary – we care about the people that we work with and want to ensure that we find the right role for them at the right time.

For Clients – Developer attraction and consistent aftercare.

Hiring a Technical Architect was, by far, one of the best decisions we ever made as a company. Having somebody on staff who can write, adapt and review in-depth and tailored technical tests has been a stand-out success.

We take a conversational (both written and verbal) approach to testing, in order to produce results that most closely reflect the beliefs and methodologies of the candidate. Why do we do this? Because our priority isn’t to ‘judge’ a good developer or a bad developer – we prefer to fully understand the level of complexity a developer has been exposed to and what they feel most comfortable working on.

This allows us to ensure that if a job seeker prefers to work with CMS based client builds, that we don’t try to shoe-horn them into a Monolith refactoring product-based role – and vice versa.

Overall, this approach results in both job seekers and employers having a much higher match rate via Source Code and avoiding uncomfortable interviews that aren’t right for either party.

Get in touch to hear more about our process and how we’re attempting to make a genuine impact on the Recruitment Market.


A dedicated service – scaling towards growth, investment or sale.

RPO Flex was created after we recognised that fully outsourced recruitment services were incredibly expensive and often prohibitively time-consuming to set up. We saw a gap in the market and began to offer a fully outsourced service that meets the needs of growing companies & start-ups who want to focus on hitting their growth milestones, rather than worrying about when the next CV is coming in.

The three core aspects of our RPO Flex service are:

  • The creation of a full yet flexible roadmap, reflecting which key hires will assist you in moving towards expansion or acquisition. For our past clients, this has included a variety of hires from Developers to CTOs, CFOs, Business Development Managers, Project Managers, Support Staff and beyond.
  • Flexible payment terms that allow you to maintain healthy cash-flow whilst growing your teams.
  • Consistent support and advice surrounding staff retention, staff engagement, target-markets, process roll-outs and more.

Used by the likes of B&Q, Channel 4 and Startle International to meet complex and niche requirements, both quickly and efficiently across the UK and US.


Some of the kindest things ever said about us.

It’s easy to claim you’re “different” – but it’s another thing entirely to have people (very kindly) agree with you.

Here’s a small sample of the feedback we’ve received recently:

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"From the beginning of the process James understood our business and the type of person we were looking for. James is always on hand to provide down-to-earth advice and guidance and has been extremely responsive throughout."
James Haigh
"James is professional, friendly and fully invested in finding you the best role possible. He understands developer's plight with recruiters and ensures you don't get that again. The technical test was a simple and quick process to make sure you're of the right skill level."
Billy Purvis
"James and his team provided an excellent level of guidance in making sure I got the right job for both myself and my employer. Above and beyond what you would typically expect a recruiter to provide."
Simon Dann
Senior Software Developer
"Working with James and his Team has been EXCELLENT Start to Finish. James always makes you feel like you’re his top priority and always has time for any queries or questions, no matter how big or small."
Anthony Barnes
Lead Developer
"James is one of the most down-to-earth people you'll find. It was a real pleasure having James work on my behalf. He was communicative, honest, and will try to find the perfect opportunity for you."
Jonathon Harper
Full Stack Developer
"Source Code Personnel did a fantastic job helping me through the challenging time of finding a job. Their approach to every aspect of recruitment is different to any I've experienced previously."
Anthony Totton
Software Engineer.
"'Hello' to job offer in 48 hours. James has been fantastic through the whole interview process. He has gone above and beyond what was necessary to secure me an incredible position at a reputable company in the legal sector."
Will Kilgallon
Senior Developer
"James has been nothing short of incredible during my hunt for a new job. From start to finish he has listened to what I’m looking for and has been flexible around my working hours and contacting me. Highly recommended and thank you again James!"
Marcus Rowland
Web Developer
"The service I have received from James has been nothing short of phenomenal and he has continuously gone above and beyond in his quest to get me set up with my new job. It's been an absolute pleasure to work with him."
Shaun Potter
Web Developer
"James found me a fantastic opportunity in my new web development role. James and his team consistently showed their eagerness to support me with any resource I may need to secure my new position. 5-star service from beginning to end!"
Rob Strover
Software Engineer.
"We were really impressed with the level of candidates we received, and the level of support provided throughout the process. Each candidate we met, likewise, had nothing but good things to say about working with the team at Source Code."
Stuart Willis
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