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Founded by an ex Web-Designer and driven by the belief that recruitment should be a service, not a sales pitch, Source Code has worked tirelessly to create a more effective and significantly less tedious approach to the hiring process. We avoid all of the usual headaches that come with using an agency, such as the never-ending calls 5 minutes after an interview, the endless stream of keyword-matched but irrelevant CVs, boosting candidate salaries to squeeze out a few more drops of revenue… all sound familiar? Instead, we use our combined 22 years of experience across a wide variety of industry sectors to provide the staff you need – all rolled into one friendly service.

Our attention to detail and constantly growing industry knowledge means that we can immediately identify the subtle differences between candidates and avoid any reliance upon dated and ineffective keyword searching techniques. Before you even see a CV, we have either met or spoken at great length with the candidate, to ensure that their skills are up to scratch and that they’re an appropriate culture fit.

“I started Source Code after several years working as an Onsite Resource Manager, receiving relentless tsunami waves of unsuitable CVs and often interviewing candidates who hadn’t even been shown a job spec. These observations and frustrations led to the founding of Source Code an Agency uniquely focused on Candidate Support and Talent R.O.I. Now, after 12 years in the industry and a part-time indulgence in Web Development, I spend my days attempting to make a small difference within the sector – using my technical knowledge and commercial experience to help find the best people for the best companies”.

A retired Police Officer who has spent the last 8 years immersed in the world of Human Resources and Recruitment Outsourcing. Alison has a keen eye for detail and regularly reviews and selects outstanding talent for our clients – always going the extra mile to keep all parties informed. Her dedication to robust process management and willingness to confidently enter new territory has been integral to our success. During the day can most often be found in front of her twin 27″ monitors, bringing new meaning to the phrase “multi-tasking”.

Daniel is the master of online candidate search. He consistently finds solutions to even the most challenging of problems, using apps, software and systems to constantly improve our approach to Talent Acquisition, Tracking and RPO.

If a candidate is out there, not only will Daniel find them but he’ll make sure they’re the perfect fit for both your business and your culture.

Buddy is our Chief Executive of Treats and Belly Rubs. He brightens up even the most challenging of days and provides a great working environment (kindly allowing us to use “his” office). Can most often be found watching us eat lunch, welcoming visitors, negotiating treat based deals and looking after office security.

Buddy is always free for meetings and our clients are always most welcome to come say hello!

Part of what makes our service unique is our ability to rapidly expand our workforce to meet your immediate and ongoing needs. On a project-by-project basis, we make use of our sizeable UK network of freelance Recruiters. This allows us to work on a variety of niche and industry-specific vacancies, without compromising on specialist experience.

This approach creates a responsive and incredibly effective solution to your RPO needs and enables us to deliver on even the most complex of roles.


our services

are tailored to you.

Not every project is the same and a different approach can often produce the best results. The team at source code specialise in being different and finding the solution that works best for you. Whether it’s working onsite or helping our clients open a new office overseas, we’ll find the right solution and tailor it to your requirements.

We offer bespoke and flexible RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) services for SMEs across the UK . Our clients are often companies that don’t require a large-scale, long-term service but need something a little more dedicated and flexible than just using a typical agency. That’s where we come in.

We’ve successfully completed projects for Channel 4 (Series 2 of THE JOB INTERVIEW), Digital Agencies, Tech Start-ups, Call centres, Marketing Agencies, Finance Centres and even a very successful project for B&Q!

In summary, if you need a service that has the same ‘in-house’ feel as having your own Recruiter but you still want to benefit from access to all of the major online job boards, a LinkedIn network spanning 10’s of thousands, robust reporting and flexibility on pricing, then source code is the right choice for you.

When it comes to ad-hoc recruitment, instead of giving you a carbon-copy service with astronomical fees and a heavy-sell, we instead focus on tailoring a flexible solution that will both meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Our Consultants have worked both in-house and within traditional agencies, so we completely understand the unique challenges that recruiting new staff can bring. As a result, we avoid many of the usual headaches you may have experienced in the past, such as inappropriate CVs, candidates not being prepared for interviews and pushy sales tactics.

Instead, we use our combined 22 years of experience across a broad and eclectic range of sectors to immediately identify even the most subtle requirements of a role. Then we focus on immersing ourselves in both your brand and your culture – to ensure that any candidate you receive from us is both a skill match and a cultural fit.

Looking to increase your candidate reach? Hoping to improve staff retention rates? Thinking of mounting a large recruitment campaign? Then get in touch! We offer a free advisory service covering all aspects of Talent Acquisition and Retention.

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